Classification Of S.S Wire Mesh Filters

Metal rubber filter screenThe metal rubber filter screen is made of stainless steel wire. The raw material is stainless steel wire, does not contain any natural rubber, but with capillary porous structure, especially suitable for solving the high temperature, high pressure, high temperature, high vacuum, strong radiation, vibration and corrosion environment such as gas, liquid filtration.

The metal rubber screen has some of the characteristics of metals, such as corrosion resistance, strength and impact resistance. At the same time, the filtering accuracy of the filter screen can be adjusted by using the thickness of the wire, the density of the metal rubber and the thickness of the filter screen. When cleaning, it is easy to restore its original density, easy to clean.

Ventilation filter screenProduct characteristics: nylon filter with P.P fiber forming one, acid and alkali resistance, corrosion resistance is the best, and low resistance, can be repeated washing, the economy is relatively very high, also the length of fiber and dust capture easy cleaning, cleaning is not affected by the filtering efficiency, the impact strength is very well, is the first choice for the customers.

Metal filter screen All metal filter products, I believe that we all know, the metal filter with multilayer expansion aluminum foil mesh or stainless steel mesh products, is a special filter filter, by rolling into a wave shape, at right angles to each other cross folded filter, multi fold expansion was the density and diameter of different coarse to fine the arrangement of objects through repeatedly change the flow direction and increase its efficiency.

Air conditioner filter screenThe air conditioner filter screen is a concave convex honeycomb structure, which can be widely used in sewage filtration system and air filtration, and is easy to be cleaned and replaced for many times, and the service time is long. Moreover, the air conditioner filter net is easy to clean and gets the approval of the user’s friend.