September 28-Latest Wire Rod Offer

The mainstream trend of the latest billet prices in Tangshan market performed smoothly. The price of China Yipu carbon billet 150*150 Q195-Q235: 3320 yuan/ton, maintaining yesterday’s price; Xindapu carbon billet 150*150 Q195-Q235 Price: 3320 yuan/ton, maintaining yesterday’s price; Xinglongpu carbon billet 150*150 Q195-Q235 price: 3320 yuan/ton, stable price.

September 27-Latest Wire Rod Offer

Yesterday, the ex-factory settlement price of some steel plants in Changli and Qian’an was reduced by 10 from 3,320, and the trader’s transaction price was 3,400 including tax. Today’s steel market is weakening. The overall transaction of steel billets is average, and the prices of downstream finished products are stable and down. Tangshan steel billets are sent directly. The warehouse spot is reported to 3380 including tax. The transactions are mainly concentrated in short-term resources. The prices of downstream finished products are stable. The overall transaction is divided, and the section steel is weak. After the 145 steel strip falls, it is still acceptable, and the billet will be settled at 3320 tomorrow morning.

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