November 13 Latest wire rod offer

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Q195 Anping market price 3710

Yesterday, the ex-factory settlement price of some steel mills in Changli and Qian’an was raised by 20 to 3480, and the transaction price including tax for traders was about 3540. In the early trading today, the Changli area was raised by 20 to 3,500. The overall transaction of billets was average, and the prices of downstream finished products rose steadily. Tangshan billet direct delivery was acceptable. The mainstream of warehousing stocks was reported to be around 3560, including tax, and some of the low-priced transactions were reported. , The narrow band is acceptable, the section steel weakens, and the billet price will increase in the early afternoon.

Orson Q195 galvanized wire market list

product name Tax-included price
High zinc wireφ2.5And above 5500 RMB
High zinc wireφ2.3-φ2.4 5550 RMB
High zinc wireφ2.2 5750 RMB
High zinc wireφ2.0 5900 RMB
Electro-galvanized wireφ3.0And above 4650 RMB
Electro-galvanized wireφ2.5-φ2.9 4680 RMB
Electro-galvanized wireφ2.0-φ2.4 4710 RMB
Common zinc wireφ3.0And above 4790 RMB
Common zinc wireφ2.5-φ2.9 4830 RMB
Common zinc wireφ2.3-φ2.4 4860 RMB
Common zinc wireφ2.1-φ2.25 4980 RMB
High zinc wireφ2.0 5130 RMB


On the 12th, the market price rose steadily. The steel mills issued-invoices: 160 votes for Yuhua, 50 votes for Mingfang, 90 votes for Jinding, 150 votes for Xinhui, 35 votes for Xinjin, 55 votes for Hongri; a total of 540 votes, a decrease from yesterday 13 votes, the total shipment volume was 18,900 tons, a decrease of 455 tons from yesterday. Today’s price is stable, and the 6.5-size goods are in short supply. The market trader’s price continues to be low today, about 20 lower than the ex-factory price, and the transaction has slowed down significantly. However, low-level inventories have relatively strong support for market prices. The snail 01 latest 3849, up 8/0.21%, and the volatility of futures prices has become stronger. Today’s market prices remain stable, and some areas are adjusted downwards by 10-20. Today, the Tangshan steel market is weakening: the narrow band drops by 10, and the transaction is weak; the profile steadily drops by 10; the high line is stable; the straight billet is weak.