October 17 Latest Wire Rod Offer

Yesterday changli part of the steel factory settlement price for 3400 up 10, Qian an area 3400 up 10, traders including tax transaction price 3480 or so. Billets of some steel mills in Changli area were increased by 10 to 3410 this morning, and the price of downstream finished products was raised and operated in a stable way. The billets in Tangshan were directly shipped, and the main stock of the stock was reported to be 3490-3500 with tax included. Some varieties of downstream finished products were stored at preferential prices, and the overall transaction was weak.

Compared to yesterday:+10
Compared to yesterday:+10
Compared to yesterday:+10
Compared to yesterday:+10

Orson galvanized wire market price

Name Specification Tax-included price
Electro-galvanized wire 2.0-2.9 4450 RMB
Electro-galvanized wire 3.0-5.0 4420 RMB
Common zinc wire 2.0 4770 RMB
Common zinc wire 2.1-2.3 4620 RMB
Common zinc wire 2.4-2.9 4520 RMB
Common zinc wire 3.0-5.0 4480 RMB
High zinc wire 2.0 5570 RMB
High zinc wire 2.2 5420 RMB
High zinc wire 2.5-4.0 5170 RMB


Jiujiang Qalvanized Wire Market List

Product Name Material Specification model Tax-included price
Galvanized Wire Q195 3.3-4.0 4220 RMB
Galvanized Wire Q195 2.7-3.2 4240 RMB
Galvanized Wire Q195 2.3-2.7 4270 RMB
Galvanized Wire Q235 3.3-4.0 4250 RMB
Galvanized Wire Q235 2.7-3.2 4270 RMB
Galvanized Wire Q235 2.3-2.7 4300 RMB

 Strip steel Tangshan 145 strip steel compared with yesterday up 10, the mainstream manufacturers quoted 3790, the overall market transaction is general; Tangshan 355 strip steel up 10-20, the mainstream spot 3810-3820, Ruifeng 3830-3840, spot higher than the futures price 10, trading fair.

 Section steel Tangshan section steel price as a whole increased 20, now the mainstream steel quotation I steel 3680, Angle steel 3680-3700, channel steel 3670-3680, the market high price transaction blocked, after more concessions, the overall transaction is weak.

 Pipe Tangshan scaffold pipe mainstream steel factory price than yesterday rose 10, quoted 3900-3980, cash tax included, general transaction.

 Hot roll  Tangshan open flat plate market price up 10,1500 wide open flat plate Tanggang 3860, Yangang/Anfeng 3850, Manganese Kaiping 4000-4010.

 Middle board Tangshan medium thick plate market price is stable, 14-22mm general plate reported 3880, low alloy plate 4100-4110.

 Building materials Tangshan construction steel market price stability, now three large thread 3740, three small thread 4080, disc screw 4100.