Wire Mesh Filter Tube

Wire Mesh Filter Manufacturer

• Stainless steel wire.
• Copper wire.• Brass wire.
• Monel wire.• Inconel wire.
• iron wire

• Food and beverage industry.
• Chemical industry.
• Pharmaceutical industry.
• Chemical industry.
• Petroleum industry.
• Water treatment industry.
• Aerospace industry.
• Power and nuclear industry.

woven/ perforated, vacuum sintering.
Woven weaving type:
plain weave, twill weave and dutch weave.
3 – 8 layers.
Standard is 5 layers.

• Metal filter mesh tube.
• Cylindrical Ffilter mesh tube.
• Stainless steel filter tube.
• Seam welded Ffilter tube.

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Metal filter mesh tube, cylindrical filter mesh tube, stainless steel filter tube, seam welded filter tube, welded filter tube are welded by stainless steel mesh, iron mesh, stainless steel plate and iron plate. Single-layer welding, multi-layer welding can also be used after single-layer welding, and then the metal filter mesh tube, mesh tube, filter element, filter tube are overlapped and interspersed to form a multi-layer filter.


1. The filter screen is used for screening and filtering under acid and alkali environmental conditions. It is used as a mud screen in the petroleum industry, as a screen filter in the chemical and chemical fiber industry, and as a pickling screen in the electroplating industry.

2. Filters are used in mining, petroleum, chemical, food, medicine, machinery manufacturing and other industries.

3. Filters are used in air conditioners, purifiers, range hoods, air filters, dehumidifiers, and dust collectors, etc., suitable for various filtering, dust removal and separation requirements.

Suitable for various filtration, dust removal and separation requirements.

Prduct Wire Mesh Filter
Material stainless steel woven wire mesh, perforated metal mesh, expanded metal and metal fiber web. The outside sizes and filtration rating can be custom made
Overall Diameter As per requirement
Technique Multi Layers Filter With Spot Welded, etching, edge covered,or customized Filter tube Can Be Produced With EPDM Edge

spiral welded filter tube is also called Sand Control Screen

Advantage With a great wide range of operating temperature, it can work safely and permanently under the temperature of-270-400 °C.
As the stable performance of stainless steel material, it won’t separate any deleterious substance both in high and low temperature.
With a high capability against corrosion, it won’t be damaged both under the condition of acid and alkali.
It can be cleaned very easily.
It offers a longer service life.
Applications petroleum chemical industry, oil field pipeline filter, fuel refueling equipment filter, water treatment equipment filter, pharmaceutical and food processing field etc.
single layer filter Tube

single layer filter Tube

Seam Welding FILTER TUBE

seam welding filter tube

Pleated braided Filter Tube

Pleated braided Filter Tube

Profiled filter mesh tube

Pleated braided Filter Tube

Filter Tubes, Filter Cylinders and Filter Elements
We offer wire cloth processed welded filter tubes, cylinders and other filter elements. Custom order widths & lengths are available.


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