Molybdenum Wire Mesh

Molybdenum Wire Cloth Low Price

Pure molybdenum wire, molybdenum alloy wire
Woven style: Plain weave, twill weave, dutch weave
Mesh : 1-400 mesh
Diameter: 0.02mm-23.7mm
Width: 5-2000mm
MOQ: 1 roll
Chemical composition of different type of inconel.

inner kraft paper, outside plastic cloth, put into wooden pallet or case
1. Excellent high temperature performance
2. Corrosion and wear resistance
3. Prolong service
4. Elevated temperature and pressure tolerability
Radiation screens
Heating elements
Sintering trays
Heat bodies
Heat shield
High temperature furnaces
Electric vacuum components


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Molybdenum Wire Mesh is made of pure molybdenum wires or alloy wires. Molybdenum wire mesh has heat-conductivity and corrosion resistance.
Molybdenum wire mesh has high strength and low elongation, excellent electric-conductivity, heat-conducting property. It can also resist corrosion, acid, alkaline, oxidation and other harsh environment. Molybdenum wire mesh can be popularly used in high-temperature field such as furnace, petroleum, chemical, food, medicine, machinery and other industries for filtering and sieving use.

Material 1. Pure bright molybdenum wire is surface coating removal graphite milk, molybdenum content ≥ 99.95%.
2. Black molybdenum mesh, MO-1, using pure molybdenum wire production, graphite emulsion surface coating.
Mesh 1-400 mesh
Weaving Plain weave, twill weave, dutch weave
Wire diameter 0.02mm-23.7mm
Width 5-2000mm
Melting point 2610°C – 2640°C
Packing Paper tube.
Waterproof brown paper.
Plastic film.
Wooden box/ pallet.
Features High tensile strength, Low elongation, Acid and alkaline resistant, Corrosion resistant, High temperature resistant, Good electricity-conductivity, Lightweight, Various hole shapes, Excellent filtering performance
Application Molybdenum wire mesh has good corrosion resistance, heat-conductivity and is widely used in high temperature field for sieving and filtering.
The main application fields of molybdenum wire mesh are: Aerospace, Nuclear power filed, Electro-vacuum industry, Glass furnaces, Petroleum, Oil and gas industry, New energy industries, Food processing industry.
Molybdenum wire mesh

Molybdenum wire mesh has heat-conductivity and corrosion resistance

Molybdenum wire mesh

Molybdenum wire mesh with square holes and black graphite on surface

Black molybdenum wire mesh with graphite has good corrosion resistance and electric-conductivityFeatures:

High tensile strength.
Low elongation.
Acid and alkaline resistant.
Corrosion resistant.
High temperature resistant.
Good electricity-conductivity.
Various hole shapes.
Excellent filtering performance.
Molybdenum wire mesh has corrosion, heat-conductivity and is widely used in high temperature field for sieving and filtering.

The main application fields are:

Nuclear power filed.
Electro-vacuum industry.
Glass furnaces.
Oil and gas industry.
New energy industries.
Food processing industry.


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