Aluminum Perforated Metal Sheet

Aluminum Perforated Metal Sheet

Material: carbon steel (hot rolled, cold rolled, strip steel), galvanized steel, stainless steel, aluminum, brass, other metal materials according to drawings.


Perforated metal can be used in filter of automobiles internal-combustion engine, sieving of mine, medicine, grain, sound insulation of room, ventilate of grain store, etc.

Profile shapes include round, square,rectangular,hexagon/diamond and slotted. Hardox, Bissaloy and mild steel options all available.

Features of Perforated Metal:

• Lightweight
• Extremely Versatile
• Economically Priced
• Customizable
• Large Open Area
• Decorative

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Aluminum Perforated Metal Sheet has a strong resistance to corrosion due to an oxide skin formed in reaction with the atmosphere.

It is a relatively light metal compared to metals such as steel, nickel, brass, and copper and is rather malleable.

It can have a wide variety of surface finishes and is highly reflective to heat and light.

Item Detail
Material Aluminum sheet/plate
Hole type long hole, round hole, square hole, triangular hole, fish scale hole, bridge hole, diamond hole, pentagonal hole, hexagon hole, figure hole, cross hole, nail hole, plum hole, herringbone hole, and other shaped holes
Surface treatment Powder coated, Fluorocarbon spraying(PVDF), Polishing
Features 1. Can be formed easily
2. Can be paint or polished
3. Easy installation
4. Attractive appearance
5. Wide range of thicknesses available
6. Largest selection of hole size patterns and configurations
7. Durable
Usage Aerospace, Appliances, Architectural, Automotive, Industrial equipment, Pollution control, Mining, Security screen, Sugar processing
Perforated Metal Sheet 1
Perforated Metal Sheet

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