September 1-Latest wire rod offer

Yesterday, the ex-factory settlement price of some steel plants in Changli and Qian’an was increased by 10 to 3460, and the transaction price including tax for traders was about 3540. Today’s steel market slows down adjustments, billet transactions are weak, and the prices of downstream finished products are mixed. Tangshan steel billets are generally sent directly. The warehouse spot is reported to be 3,530 including tax. It is difficult to trade. The downstream finished products prices are stable and weak. The transaction was weak and the billet was stable in the early afternoon.

Compared to yesterday: stable
Compared to yesterday:stable
Compared to yesterday:stable
Compared to yesterday:stable
Name Specification Tax-included price
Electro-galvanized wire 2.0-2.9 4530 RMB
Electro-galvanized wire 3.0-5.0 4500 RMB
Common zinc wire 2.0 4940 RMB
Common zinc wire 2.1-2.3 4790 RMB
Common zinc wire 2.4-2.9 4690 RMB
Common zinc wire 3.0-5.0 4650 RMB
High zinc wire 2.0 5920 RMB
High zinc wire 2.2 5770 RMB
High zinc wire 2.5-4.0 5520 RMB
Product Name Material Specification model Tax-included price
Galvanized Wire Q195 3.3-4.0 4270 RMB
Galvanized Wire Q195 2.7-3.2 4290 RMB
Galvanized Wire Q195 2.3-2.7 4310 RMB
Galvanized Wire Q235 3.3-4.0 4300 RMB
Galvanized Wire Q235 2.7-3.2 4320 RMB
Galvanized Wire Q235 2.3-2.7 4340 RMB

 Strip steel Tangshan 145mm small narrow band was lowered by 10 in intraday, mainstream manufacturers reported 3840 yuan/ton to leave the factory, and market transactions were weak; Tangshan 355 steel strip was stable, mainstream spot 3940, Ruifeng 3950, spot futures prices were flat, and transactions were light.

 Section steel Tangshan section steel prices stabilized and tended to grow stronger, I-beam angle steel increased by 10, channel steel stabilized. Now mainstream steel mills offer I-beam 3740, angle steel 3730-3740, and channel steel 3730-3740. The billet mills in Fengrun District may be postponed to resume production on the 2nd. The market sentiment is strong and the overall transaction is weak.

 Pipe The latest price of welded pipes in Tangshan market shows that the mainstream trend is rising. The price of Tangshan Youfa welded pipe 1.5 inch * 3.25mm Q195-215: 4150 yuan/ton, up 20 from yesterday; Tangshan Youfa welded pipe 4 inch * 3.75mm Q215-235 The price: 4,090 yuan/ton, an increase of 20 from yesterday.

 Hot roll  The latest prices of hot-rolled coils in Tangshan market showed stable operation. Among them, the price of HBIS Tangsteel’s hot-rolled coil 3.0*1500*C Q235B: 3970 yuan/ton, maintaining yesterday’s price; HBIS Tangsteel’s hot-rolled coil The price of 4.75*1500*C Q235B: 3950 yuan/ton, maintaining yesterday’s price; the price of Yanshan Iron and Steel’s hot-rolled coil 3.0*1500*C Q235B: 3960 yuan/ton, the price unchanged from yesterday.

 Middle board The latest prices of large and medium sections in the Tangshan market show that the mainstream trend of the latest prices is rising. The price of Jinhang I-steel 25# Q235: 3,830 yuan/ton, an increase of 10 from yesterday; the price of Jinxi I-steel 25# Q235: 3840 yuan/ton , Up 10 from yesterday; the price of Xinda I-beam 25# Q235: 3820 yuan/ton, up 10 from yesterday.

 Building materials The latest prices of building materials in Tangshan market showed that the mainstream trend was rising. The price of Donghua High-speed Line Ф6-10 HPB300: 3810 yuan/ton, an increase of 10 compared to yesterday; the price of Hegang Tanggang rebar Ф12 HRB400E: 3940 yuan/ton, Increased by 20 compared with yesterday; the price of Tangyin rebar Ф12 HRB400E: 3900 yuan/ton, increased by 20 compared with yesterday.